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Boy Scout Troop 35
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How to Join Troop 35

Troop 35 is always accepting new scouts!

Joining the troop requires that three forms be completed fully and returned to either:

• Dave Brown, Committee Chairperson
• Kipp Reed, Scoutmaster

Please complete the following:

1. Scout Registration Form and Annual Health and Medical Form
Completion of the Scout Registration form as well as the Annual Health and Medical will officially register your son as a Boy Scout with Troop 35. A check made payable to Troop 35 for $27 or cash (this may be pro-rated depending on when you join), is required and covers the cost of registration with Boy Scouts of America and a yearly subscription to Boys Life magazine. The Boy Scout application form is available on the web: as well as the Annual Health and Medical Form (Parts A, B, & C):

2. Troop Resource Survey
To support the troop, jobs must be staffed. Please share your interests and the type of things you would like to do with your son and the other young men in the troop. A registration form will not be accepted unless accompanied by a completed resource survey. The troop resource survey is available on the web:

3. Merit Badge Counselor Form
Throughout the year our troop or other organizations will sponsor merit badge clinics to help the Scouts advance. Please indicate any merit badges that you may have the expertise and willingness to teach. The merit badge counselor form is available on the web: The adult application form is also available on the web: