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Boy Scout Troop 35
(O'Fallon, Illinois)
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About Troop 35


Troop 35 was chartered in January 1931.
Our 1st Scoutmaster was Walter C. Hartman.

History of Scoutmasters
 Dates  Name          Dates  Name          Dates  Name
1931-33  Walter C. Hartman   1955-58  Clearance J. Eberhardt   1987-89  Nelson "Butch" Hundley
1934-35  Ed Schilling   1958-59  Vincent H. Maibes   1989-98  Kevin Johnson
1935-36  Melvern Hemmen   1959-64  Alga Hall   1998-2000  Kent Manuel
1937-39  Robert Munier   1964-69  Carlton Schutt   2000-03  Wayne Keck
1940-42  Charles Schildknecht   1969-70  Joe McClure   2003-07  Joe Kaylor
1942-44  W.O. Willard   1970-74  F. Porter   2007-11  Brian Slack
1945-46  Robert Munier   1975-77  James Russell   2011-15  Greg Conrad
1946-49  Raymond F. Keller   1977-78  James Taylor   2015-16  Ryan Mantz
1950-51  Arthur R. Curral   1978-82  Guy Randall   2016-Present  Kipp Reed
1951-52  Nishka Jett   1982-83  B. Stevens      
1952-53  Nishka Jett   1983-85  K. Jung    
1953-54  James W. Berry   1985-87  Mike Johnson      
1954-55  Leslie B. Canterberry            

Meeting Times

Troop 35 meets every Monday evening at the O'Fallon United Church of Christ 

from 7:00 - 8:30 PM.

Exception: The Monday after a campout weekend, the PLC meets at 6:30 PM, and the Troop Committee meets at 7:15 PM

O'Fallon United Church of Christ
206 West Adams
O'Fallon, IL 62269

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Troop 35 goes camping once a month (January - November).  Also, Troop 35 schedules a local (for our 1st Year Scouts) and a long distance Summer Camp each year (normally June and/or July).

Troop 35 has experienced adult leaders...3 prior Scoutmasters, Council Director of Field Services, District Chairman, Prior District Commissioner, Assistant Council Commissioner, numerous Unit Commissioners, and 9 Wood Badge graduates.