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Boy Scout Troop 46
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All Ranks

Here are some things that might help with your advancement.  They include documents and videos.


Click here for rank requirement videos

 Click here for Animated Knot Video

 Click here for great compass and orientation information 




Icon File Name Comment  
Backpack Basics.doc Thinking about buying a backpack - read this  
Fire Starters.doc Get help on starting fires  
outdoor clothing basics.doc Do you have the right outdoor clothing  
Outdoor Footwear Basics.doc Do you have the right footwear  
Scout Knots.pdf Knots you need to know  


Second Class

Icon File Name Comment  
Building a Fire.doc What do you need to build a fire?  
Contour Map Quiz.doc Contour Map quiz - second class req 1a 1b  
Contour Map Quiz2.doc Contour Map quiz2 - second class req 1a 1b  
second class req 10.doc Saving Money Second Class Req 10  

First Class

So you are the grubmaster.  What next?  1st Class Requirements 4a, 4b, 4c, 4d, 4e is what you will be doing.  How?  Go up to the top of the page and click on "Rank Requirement Videos" and then on First Class and then to each of the requirements.  That will be a good start.  Then go to camping forms and download the menu planner and duty roster. These forms are required to be turned into the Scoutmaster two weeks before the campout.
Icon File Name Comment  
Build a camp chair.doc A cool camp gadget - 1st class requirement 7b  
Line Rescue 1st class.mp4 Line Rescue - 1st class requirement #9c  
Navigate without compass.doc Navigate without a compass - 1st class requirement #1  

Merit Badges

Icon File Name Comment  
Merit-Badge-Application-34124A.doc Merit Badge Application  
Troop 46 Merit Badge Counselors worksheet.xls Troop 46 Merit Badge Counselors Oct 2018