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Annual youth registration fees include BSA registration, Boys' Life magazine, and accident insurance.  Additionally there are quarterly Troop 888 dues, and if applicable Order of the Arrow and/or Nani-Ba-Zhu dues.  Troop dues cover advancement and other operating expenses.

Troop 888 endorses the Ideal Year of Scouting and supports the sale of Boy Scout Popcorn.  Every Scout in Troop 888 keeps 30% of the his popcorn sales (which is returned to his Troop account).  He can use them to pay for Scout related items and expenses through his own individual Troop Scout Account.  Scouts and Leaders cover their own camping expenses, either through their Scout Account or separately. 

Formerly, Troop 888 used its annual Chili Feed to underwrite most Troop operations and equipment expenses.  In addition, we have sold holiday greenery and wreaths for our capital equipment fundraiser.  We hope to use a variety of fundraisers, in the future, to fund operations and obtain equipment without requiring additional funds from Scouts and Families.  Maximum participation by Scouts, Scouters, and parents is necessary during the Troop fundraisers.  Other fundraisers are conducted only as needed.