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Internet Guidelines

Internet Guidelines

Article I

Member/Youth Protection
  • Last names or any identifying information about youth members shall not be published on the web without parent’s signed approval. Names and information about any adult shall be published only with the written approval of that individual;
  • Pictures of youth may appear on the web as long as no name or other personal information is associated with the picture;
  • Under no circumstances shall the address, personal phone number or email address of any youth be published on the Internet;
  • Any and all communications posted on the site, including guest books and discussion groups, must be moderated and all postings approved by a member of the Pack Committee before being published.
  • Phone numbers of adult leaders may only be published with written permission;
  • Email addresses may be published, with the permission of the holder, if worthwhile benefit to the program would be achieved.

Article II

Commercialism on the Web
  • The National Council’s policy on commercialism states “A site cannot contain any advertisements or commercial endorsements what-so-ever”.
  • This means that in no way may a unit, district or council page be involved in any type of relationship of commercial nature nor may units, districts or councils give endorsement to any business, corporation, commercial agency or individual, unless duly authorized by the National Executive Board.
  • The Scouting logo may not be used on any product; flier or advertisement in any way as to resemble that the Boy Scouts of America or any of its entities is sponsoring said commercial product or company.
  • No commercial logos, commercial links or links outside of the BSA are allowed on any BSA web pages.
  • It is further suggested that a site should not use a provider like GeoCities or AOL, because they WILL target advertisements to your page. Remember a site is not free if the provider uses your page for advertising their product or services. Units should seek community support from their local neighbor/area provider, if possible.

Article III

Linking to other sites
  • Monitor links to ensure “downstream links” do not cause you embarrassment – since you never know what files you may be linked to from that point on. The National Council’s concern is that your scout unit’s web page may be just 2 clicks away from an inappropriate website or Adult XXX rated material.
  • All links will be reviewed on a quarterly basis to ensure the linked sites are available, appropriate and support the ideals of scouting.

Article IV

Political Concerns
  • The Boy Scouts of America shall not, through it’s governing body or through any of its officers, the chartered councils, or members, involve the Scouting movement in any questions of a political nature. However, this shall not be interpreted to prevent the teaching of the ideals of patriotism and good citizenship, as required to fulfill the Boy Scouts of America purpose. This policy shall also not limit the freedom of thought or action of any official or member as an individual.
  • Basically this means leave our political opinion out of the mix, let’s teach our children about the facts of our government. Make your political stands out of the Scouting arena, whether at a scouting function or in the web pages. No political stands will be tolerated on BSA websites.