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Girl Scout Service Unit 9
(MCLean County, Illinois)
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What We Stand For

Typically during this time of year we see increased interest in the Girl Scouts and alleged links with Planned Parenthood that spark cookie boycotts every year.  Many of these activist groups make connections where there are none.  This year is proving to be no exception.  We have worked with troop leaders and parents at Epiphany school in the past to address concerns raised.   They found the attached helpful.  

Kate Peters

Chief Operating Officer – Fund Development, Marketing & Communications

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GS What we stand for.pdf  

Leader Created Cookie Game

Print out the cookie cards on cardstock. Cut out the cookie cards on the black lines. For optimum playing, back the cards with black cardstock. You can play the attached game two different ways.

1. Matching Game
Mix the cards and turn them all face down. Have girls take turns turning over two cards at a time. Have the girls try to match the cookie to its box.

2. Headbands Game
Use the cards with headbands from the Hedbanz game and play it according to the Hedbanz rules.

Or try to stump your girls by putting on the headband and asking questions like:
Do I cost $4 a box?
Do I cost $5 a box?
Am I a vegan cookie?
Do I have artificial colors?
Do I have artificial flavors?
Am I gluten free?
Do they use copper kettles when making me?
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Cookie Headbands & Matching Game.pdf  

2017 Cookie Sale

Little Brownie Baker's website:  Little Brownie Bakers