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Girl Scout Service Unit 9
(MCLean County, Illinois)
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Community Service Events

SA 9's Community Service Projects will begin again in the fall. Thank you for all of your support! We love helping Girl Scouts make the world a better place!

Girl Scouts always wants to instill a sense of community in all of its members, and one way to instill a sense of community is to give back to the community. Girl Scout Troops are known for giving back. Any Girl Scout can tell you that it is better to give then receive. Community service projects are one way that we instill courage, confidence, and character in every Girl Scout. Here are some great ideas for community service projects:

  • Planting trees at a local park
  • Collecting canned foods for local food banks
  • Beautify a local park or recreational center
  • Donate items/time to local animal shelters
  • Encourage the community to be more “green”

Community Service & Service Learning

Schools, community organizations, places of worship, Girl Scouts—we all talk about getting young
people involved in their communities in different ways. Everybody uses slightly different words to say
this, which can get a little confusing!
Here’s how we see things in Girl Scouts (you might find that your school district uses these words in
different ways, but these definitions will help you come to an agreement about what you mutually
want girls to have the opportunity to do):

Community service makes the world better for some people “right now.” For example, collecting
cans of food for the local food pantry feeds people “right now.” Gathering toys for a homeless family
shelter makes kids happy “right now.” Providing clothing and toiletries to people who have suffered a
disaster helps them get through a traumatic event “right now.” These acts of kindness are important
ways to help some people—right now.

Service learning encourages young people to also understand the roots of problems. When they do
that, they are then able to plan and lead projects that aim at addressing root causes. For example, a
service-learning project on the environment could involve girls in exploring why water is polluted.
That’s the important first step. Once they know that, they investigate several possible solutions,
compare how well they might work, network with experts for advice, and finally put a plan in motion
to address some root of the problem. In Girl Scouts, when we encourage girls to Take Action, we’re
talking about service learning.

Some people think of it this way:
Community service: helping others…comes from our hearts.
Service learning: understanding and addressing the roots of a problem…
comes from our hearts and our heads.