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Boy Scout Troop 288
(La Crescenta, California)
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Icon File Name Comment  
10 Essentials.pdf 10 Essentials  
Backpacking Guide.pdf Backpacking Guide  
Backpacking Menu Ideas.pdf Backpacking Menu Ideas  
Backpacking Packing List .pdf Backpacking Packing List  
Board of Review.pdf Board of Review (BOR)  
BSA Application (adult).pdf BSA Application - adult  
BSA Application (youth).pdf BSA Application - youth  
BSA Lifeguard Application.pdf BSA Lifeguard Application  
BSA Medical form (less than 72 hour trek).pdf BSA Medical Form (less than 72 hour trek)  
BSA Medical form (more than 72 hour trek).pdf BSA Medical Form (more than 72 hour trek)  
Bylaws - Troop 288.pdf Bylaws - Troop 288  
Campfire Program Planner.pdf Campfire Program Planner  
Duty Roster.pdf Duty Roster  
Eagle Scout - National Eagle Scout Association application.pdf Eagle Scout - National Eagle Scout Association application  
Eagle Scout Palm Application 8.2017.pdf Eagle Scout Palm Application  
Eagle Scout Rank Application (2).pdf Eagle Scout Rank Application  
Eagle Scout Service Project (Information for Project Beneficiaries).pdf Eagle Scout Project (Information for Project Beneficiaries)  
Electronic Funds Transfer 288.pdf Electronic Funds Transfer 288  
Equipment Check Out - In List.pdf Equipment Check Out/In  
Fees 2018.pdf Fees (2018)  
First Class Shopping List.pdf First Class Shopping List  
Guide to Safe Scouting.pdf Guide to Safe Scouting  
Life to Eagle Presentation.pdf Life to Eagle Presentation  
Meeting Plan.pdf Meeting Plan  
Menu Planner.pdf Menu Planner  
Merit Badge Counselor Application.pdf Merit Badge Counselor Application  
Merit BAdge Counselor Guide.pdf Merit Badge Counselor Guide  
Parent Guide 2018.pdf Parent Guide (2018)  
Plant Guide.pdf Plant Guide  
Rank Requirements (2017).pdf Rank Advancement Requirements  
Resource Survey.pdf Resource Survey  
Safe Swim Defense & Safety Afloat.pdf Safe Swim Defense & Safety Afloat  
Scout Account Policy (Troop 288).pdf Scout Account Policy (Troop 288)  
Scout Leadership Positions.pdf Scout Leadership Positions  
Scouts Own (astronomy).pdf Scouts Own - astronomy  
Scouts Own (Backpack1).pdf Scouts Own - backpack 1  
Scouts Own (Backpack2).pdf Scouts Own - backpack 2  
Scouts Own (Car Camp1).pdf Scouts Own - car camp 1  
Scouts Own (Car Camp2).pdf Scouts Own - car camp 2  
Trek Finance Report (EXCEL Template).xls Trek Financial Report  
Trek Finance Report (PDF Template).pdf Trek Finance Report (pdf)  
Trek Leader Finance for Newbies.pdf Trek Leader Finance for Newbies  
Trek Leader Finance Guide.pdf Trek Leader Finance Guide  
Trek Leader Guide.pdf Trek Leader Guide  
Trek Tracker.pdf Trek Tracker  
Unit Money Earning Application.pdf Unit Money Earning Application  
World Conservation Award.pdf World Conservation Award