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Help the Pack Go

How Can You Help?

The most important help that you, as a parent, can give your scout is to work

with them on their Cub Scouting activities.  The handbook is full of age-appropriate

activities that you will enjoy doing together at home.  When they complete an

activity or project, it is your responsibility to sign their book to verify they have

done their best.  And then it is all-important for you to attend the monthly pack

meeting with them, so that you can celebrate their achievement.


Your role as a parent is the secret to a successful Cub Scouting program!

The den and the pack also rely on parent participation to run a successful program.

Cub Scouting operates through volunteer leadership.  Consider volunteering

as a member of the pack leadership team.  Volunteer leaders are an example of

Scouting’s principle of service to others.  By volunteering in Scouting, you are also

giving your scout the gift of your time.  What could be more valuable?  You will have

an opportunity to be a positive influence in their life and the lives of their friends.

Here are some of the ways you could volunteer:


Plans and carries out the pack program with the help of the pack committee.

Leads the monthly pack meeting and all pack activities throughout the program year.

Attends the monthly pack committee meeting and district roundtable meetings.

Den Leader

Leads the den at weekly den meetings.

Attends the monthly pack committee meeting.

The Pack Committee

Pack committee members perform administrative functions of the pack and meet on a monthly basis.

Committee Chair

Presides at all pack committee meetings.

Helps recruit adult leaders and coordinates the pack re-charter with the council.

Attends the monthly pack meeting and pack committee meeting.

Awards/Advancement Chair

Maintains advancement records for the pack.

Orders and obtains all badges and insignia.

Attends the monthly pack meeting and pack committee meeting.


Keeps all records for the pack, including pack bank account, financial records, etc.

Maintains all cub account information.

Attends the monthly pack meeting and pack committee meeting.

Fundraising Chair

Coordinates all pack fundraising activities throughout the year.

Attends the monthly pack meeting and pack committee meeting.


Volunteer Incentive!!!!

On 8/17/14, the Pack Committee voted to institute the incentives listed below in hopes to have more volunteer parents come forward to help make the pack go.  Please contact Mike Sargent or Brian Stevenson if you are interested in taking advantage of these incentives.........

Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 368, chartered by Charlton United Methodist Church.   As with any volunteer based organization, in order to be a vibrant and growing Pack we need YOUR help.  Pack 368 has a benefits and voucher program in place to recognize and reward those individuals who give of their time and talents to support our Scouts.   The volunteer does not have to be the parent of the Scout, Grandparents, Aunt, and Uncles may help support Cub Scouting too!


Pack Benefits for Adult Volunteers


100% of Registration Fees for one Scout Covered for:

 -Committee Chair



 -Awards Chair

 -Den Leaders


50% of Registrations Fees for one Scout Covered for:

 -Asst. Committee Chair

 -Asst. Cubmaster

 -Asst. Den Leaders

All Waivers are for the current Scout year.