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Troop 31 Eagle Scouts

Listed below are the Eagle Scouts of Troop 31, Bridgewater

If you know the missing project of any of these Eagles, please contact Kate Anderson @ with their information.  Thank you!

Last First Year
1 Craffey Michael 1982 Painted the (original) hall at the Knights of Columbus
2 Reordan Kevin 1982 Repaired and cleaned headstones at Summer St. Cemetary
3 Sellstone Michael 1985 Prime rib dinner & dance for 200 Bridgewater Senior Citizens
4 Powers John III 1987 Converted 2 large shower rooms to Storage rooms at STA parish center
5 Phillips Michael 1989 no clear record
6 Labonte Chad 1989 no clear record
7 Bradbury Kevin 1989 no clear record
8 Verlardi James 1991 no clear record
9 Glass Elliott 1991 Landscaping, tree work, new sign & restoration of rock wall at Summer St. cemetary
10 Varnum Shayne 1991 Handi-Kids project
11 Emord Jim 1995 Made & installed Stations of the Cross & benches at St. Thomas Aquinas cemetary
12 Resmini Timothy 1995 Placed flag stickers on Veteran's graves in Bridgewater
13 Votbruba Anthoney 1995 no clear record
14 Dupuis Bryan 1996 Sign for St. Thomas Aquinas and shrubbery
15 Sesin Nathaniel 1997 no clear record
16 Coyne Dennis 1997 no clear record
17 Sesin Aaron 1998 no clear record
18 Lipper Adam 1998 no clear record
19 Emord Jason 1998 Built a deck on the side of the St. Thomas Rectory
20 Moyer Jeffrey 1998 Built a meeting room & bathroom in lower church at St. Thomas Aquinas
21 Resmini Michael 1998 no clear record
22 Zeller Michael 1999 no clear record
23 Prime Robbie 2000 Made the Flagg St. soccer field parking lot
24 Kelleher Jeff 2000 no clear record
25 Duerden Christopher 2000 no clear record
26 Sesin Stephen 2000 no clear record
27 Kelley Jeff 2001 Landscaped the front & left side of St. Thomas Aquinas church
28 Cannon W. Joseph 2002 Reflection area between St. Thomas Aquinas church & rectory
29 Simister Christopher 2005 no clear record
30 Kirby Scott 2005 no clear record
31 Zeller Paul 2004 no clear record
32 Ladd Christopher 2004 no clear record
33 Ward Adam 2004 no clear record
34 Kelly Joseph Jr 2005 no clear record
35 Boudreau Kyle 2006 no clear record
36 Tracy Matt 2006 no clear record
37 Kelly Brian 2006 no clear record
38 Jones Cory 2006 no clear record
39 Cannon Seth 2006 Built the gazebo in St. Thomas Aquinas cemetary
40 Pollard Kevin 2008 no clear record
41 Dawson John W. Jr 2008 no clear record
42 Curtin JamesW  Jr 2009 Installed a fence and landscaping in front of St. Thomas Aquinas church parking lot
43 Buron Tyler 2010 no clear record
44 Clough Matthew 2011 no clear record
45 Cannon Joshua T 2011 Built the wall & 2 classrooms in the St. Thomas Aquinas parish center
46 Gibbs James 2012 Installed fencing  at the Flagg St. soccer fields to prevent balls from going into the woods
47 Kane Garrett 2013 Reflection area at St. John the Evangelist - East Bridgewater
48 Smith James 2014 Made & placed bat houses in Hockomock Swamp, Stanley Ironworks, & Chambers Way
49 Murphy Colin 2016 Replaced roofs of 4 dugouts @Legion Field; put a concrete base under one bleacher
50 Linhares Derek 2016 Removed & replaced sign at transfer station, landscaped around it
51 Hogrell Nathan  2016 cleaned veteran's plaques in STA cemetary
52 Hackett Kyle 2017 Cleared & marked a hiking trail, built informational kiosk at Chamber's Way, High St.
53 Sullivan William 2018 Put together 100 emergency preparation kits in 3 gallon buckets for senior citizens
54 Beneski, III (Joseph) Alexander 2018 Built & installed a weather awning roof on the back entrance to the rectory @ St. Thomas Aquinas
55 Beneski Eric 2018 Cleared a large, multi-purpose athletic field at BRRHS
56 Hogrell Tyler 2018 Built & replaced 4 benches at the outdoor winter skate park in West Bridgewater 
57 Craffey Erik 2019 Built a 17' x 17' patio and fire pit with solar lighting at St. Basil's Chapel, Bridgewater
58 Anderson Steven 2019 Erected 2 flags, laid brickwork, and landscaping at St. Basil's Chapel, Bridgewater
59 Anderson Michael 2019 Built a new Creche for the outdoor nativity and repainted all of the statues @ St. Basil's Chapel
60 Revil Jayden 2019 Had a sign erected at the VFW Post and landscaping on Orange St., Bridgewater