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Boy Scout Troop 206
(Cornwall, New York)
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Boy Scout Troop 206 Uniform Guidelines -


  1. There are several different combinations of uniform elements used by the Troop. Uniform classifications are listed below. All Scouts who have been members of the Troop for three months are expected to have a full uniform, and to wear the appropriate uniform at all Troop activities. Uniform insignia are addressed in Appendix F of the Troop Handbook.

  1. Neckerchiefs are to be worn under the uniform shirt collar whenever they are worn. New Scouts will wear generic BSA issued neckerchiefs until they receive Troop 206 neckerchiefs (generally at the Court of Honor upon completion of their First Class Rank). Thereafter, the Troop neckerchief will be worn unless alternate neckerchiefs are designated by the Commitee. Scouts have the freedom to wear neckerchief slides of their choice but they must be worn with the Class A uniform. Appropriate Scout-made slides are encouraged.

  1. Uniform classifications are as follows:

    1. Class A: (full dress) Official Scout shirt, pants, web belt with Scout buckle, and Troop neckerchief, and slide. Shirts may be long or short sleeved. Pants shall be trousers except in hot months when official Scout shorts are acceptable. If shorts are worn, official Scout socks shall also be worn. As alternate to web belt and buckle, a leather belt with appropriate Scout buckle may be worn provided that belt is either official BSA, BSA activity (i.e. Philmont, Jamboree, etc.), or hand-tooled Scout theme (i.e. Leatherworking M.B. project). Hats, if worn, must be a Scout hat, either official BSA issue, Campain hat or one from a Scout activity or camp. All patches and insignia must be correct and current. Class A uniform will be worn for participation in Board of Review as well as at a Court of Honor (whether or not the Scout is receiving an award), annual uniform inspection and parades. Other occasions where uniforms are mandatory may be designated by the Junior Leader Council or Comittee. Merit Badge sash, if the Scout has one, is to be worn at ALL Courts of Honor, Eagle Ceremonies and Boards of Review.

    2. Class B: Official Troop T-shirt, Sweatshirt or Polo shirt, Official Scout pants, belt and buckle. See Class A for comments regarding belts, hats and shorts. Class B uniform will be worn for all outdoor activities when uniforms are required unless otherwise noted.

Over the years, the troop has experienced periods of time where some scouts have attended meetings/activities in apparel that does not meet the above guidelines. To address this issue of non-compliance, the members of the troop committee have established the following policy:

Any scout who is a member in good standing of Troop 206 shall wear the Class A Uniform when participating in any of the following activities:

Troop Meetings conducted between October 31 and April 30

All Courts of Honor

Flag Lowering Ceremonies at Summer Camp

Campfire Activities during District and Council sponsored Camps

Flag Retirement Ceremonies

Boards of Review for Rank Advancement

Scoutmaster Conferences

Service projects for the public (Fall Festival, parades, Scouting for Food, etc.)

Class B Uniforms may be worn when the scout is participating in any of the following activities:

Troop Meetings that are conducted between May 1 and October 31

Troop Work Sessions

Saturday activities during troop sponsored camping trips

During Back-Packing activities

Eagle Projects

If any of the four items (shirt, pants, belt, and socks) are not visible on the scout, then he shall be considered in non-compliance with the Troop’s Uniform guidelines.

If a scout attends a Scout activity where he is not in the appropriate uniform, he must provide a legitimate reason to the Scoutmaster why he was not able to comply with the Troop’s Uniform Guidelines. Reasons such as “uniform was dirty” or “could not find my uniform” will not be accepted. If the scout cannot provide a legitimate explanation for his non-compliance, then the Scoutmaster or Adult leader will ask the scout to excuse himself from participating in the activity   It will be the scout’s responsibility to make arrangements to return home.

If the scout returns home and changes into the appropriate uniform for the activity he will then be allowed to return to the activity and participate.