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Cub Scouting is for Everyone!

What is Cub Scouting?

Cub Scouting is fun! No matter what grade you are in, kindergarten through fifth, it can be a blast. Do you like to learn by doing? This is just the place. You can learn to tie knots, set up a tent, or shoot a bow and arrow (archery). Have you ever cooked a meal on a campfire? Sent a secret code to a buddy? Built a birdhouse? Hiked? Earn rewards for doing these things in Cub Scouts.


Cub Scouts Belong to Packs and Dens

As a Cub Scout you will be part of your own pack.  The pack is divided into smaller groups called dens. Each den has about six to eight boys or girls. All of the Cub Scouts in your den are in the same grade and probably even go to the same school.


Cub Scouts Do Things and Go Places

Have you been to the local police station and talked to the officers on duty? Or spent time shooting air rifles and bows and arrows on a range with trained leaders? Or got up close to nature with friends your age?  Or learned the ins and outs of grocery shopping for nutrition?  These are some of the places you might go with our den or pack.


You might also build a pinewood derby car and race it on the track, build a sailboat from a kit and race it in the raingutter regatta, or build a rocket out of a soda bottle and shoot it high into the air!

Cub Scouting At-A-Glance


Boys and girls in grades K-5



Pack Meetings are the second Thursday during school months, 6:15-8:00 pm.

Each child will also meet with their Den once per month. 


Ridgeview Elementary 

Dunlap, IL



·       Build friendships through group activities and contests.

·       Strengthen families through camping, field trips and hikes.

·       Learn to lead and serve others in the community.

·       Grow self-confidence as they earn achievements and awards.



Join us for any Scout meeting or email us at

Cub Scouting’s 12 Core Values

Cub Scout leaders strive to use Cub Scouting’s 12 core values throughout all elements of the program – service projects, ceremonies, games, skits, songs, crafts and all the other activities enjoyed at den and pack meetings. 


CITIZENSHIP: Contributing service and showing responsibility to local, state, and national communities.

COMPASSION: Being kind, considerate, and showing concern for the well-being of others.

COOPERATION: Being helpful and workingtogether with others toward a common goal.

COURAGE: Being brave and doing what is rightregardless of our fears, the difficulties, or the consequences.

FAITH: Having inner strength and confidence based on our trust in God.

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Being personally committed to keeping our minds and bodies clean and fit.

HONESTY: Telling the truth and being worthy of trust. 

PERSERVERENCE: Sticking with something and not giving up, even if it is difficult.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Being cheerful and setting our minds to look for and find the best in all situations.

RESOURCEFULNESS: Using human and other resources to their fullest.

RESPECT: Showing regard for the worth of something or someone.

RESPONSIBILITY: Fulfilling our duty to God, country, other people, and ourselves.