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Cub Scout Pack 116
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Open enrollment is now being held for Boys and Girls
Kindergarten through 5th grade

For more information about the Pack

Mary Anne at 856 313 7751
Rayna at 856 213 0490

Pack 116 meets the second and third Friday's
of every month  September - June

Most Pack meetings are
held at the Martin Luther School
Terrace Ave and Rt. 130
Pennsauken. NJ
6:30 p.m. - 8:30 pm



Here is the application you need to fill out in order for you son to join the Pack.  Print out the two pages and fill out both - you can fill out one and copy it.
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Pack Uniforms

Uniform Order Sheet is attached below. You can download and print it out. Don't for to put your Scout(s) name on the page.

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Starting Oct 7 and on the first and third Fridays (when there is no Pack meeting), the boys will meet with their den. 
Tigers is an adult / child partnership so we need the tIger and his partner to be there each meeting.   While parents are not required to stay at the older grades, your help is always appreciated.  We are not a babysitting service.  Family involvement is expected.
Tigers will be coordinated by a Tiger leader or two who will ask each Tiger/ adult team to pick a month and figure out someplace the Tigers all can go visit - their "Go See it"   It can be the Police station, Fire station, Emergency Squad, Library,  Little Caesar's Pizza - etc.  And it doesn't have to be on a Friday.  If Little Caesar's lets you come in before they open on Saturday, then we can schedule it for Saturday,
I know TD Bank in Cinnaminson will give a bank tour. Unfortunately no samples.  We have so many different people who work and know so many different people and businesses we should have no problem thinking about where to go.  The Tiger Cub Coordinator will just make sure the Tiger and partner who are planning the monthly Go See it has it set.  On the week that you do not go for a visit, you can work on the things in their books.  
K Kub. Tiger, Wolf and Bear advancements can be worked on at home, so if it's a rainy day and they say "I'm bored" tell them to get out their book and work on something with them.  Mom, Dad, Grandmom - anyone can be Akela and sign them off for the advancements. IT DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT FOR WEBELOS.  Those projects must be completed with the den leader.

Recipes from the BBQ!

Thanks to everyone who brought food for Friday's dinner. If you would like to share the recipes (unless they are family secrets) We will post them on our website and you can use them. Thanks again for coming to the dinner and for bringing all the delicious food! Send those recipes!

Just submit your recipes to Mary Anne and we'll get them on the website for the pack to enjoy!

Just click on the attachment to download the recipe. Thanks.

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Our annual Popcorn Sale-30% comes back to the Pack.
WOW!!!   Great job! Popcorn sellers!.  Miss Linda and I ran a table this morning and the presence of a kid in that uniform went a long way to encourage people to make the buy!  All the boys did such a good job!!  Gotta think of a special reward! 
Can anyone donate some time?  Please let me know ASAP so I can set it up.      We can only sell popcorn Friday night and 2-5 on Saturday, but can be there all day with the Military collection. Depending on how many people we have available we will either do one or the other.

Popcorn Kernel Linda Schpok will be setting up days for us to do table sales at Costa's Market at Meadowbrook Markets. (See is trying for the 8th of Oct) If you haven't done a sale yet, or if you had fun and want to do again - we have some natural salesmen - please respond when she sends out the request.

Take order Popcorn papers to do sales to your families, friends and colleagues are available from Linda.  We wanted to give them out at the Ice Cream party that got canceled.  We will be giving them out on
Oct 7.

Bring a friend -  if your son just joined the Pack, or if you have been in the pack for a while, you can earn the special recruiter patch if you ask a friend and bring him to the meeting and he joins.  It also would be fun for you to have someone you already know join the Pack with you
We will be welcoming new members to the Pack until the end of November so it's not too late. Don't forget you can also sell online too! 

Pack 116 Carnival